Karen S. Chan
sunday, august 16, 2009
update 102

hi friends! hope all is well in your world!

things have been hectic on the work front, but nothing to complain about. first patch of great news is that i’ve been renewed for the next fiscal year! second patch or great news is that we met the first of four “who knows if its possible” deadlines. here’s hoping that the next three are as successful. i like to finish things so having deadlines is really worthwhile for me. yay! another thing worth noting is extensive work with creating books in InDesign. i haven’t had as much experience with this until now and have even learned to automate a table of contents. thanks InDesign forums for tips and tricks! 
now, onto Laughing Dot! i’m estimating the launch to be the fall of 2010. this estimation is for the completed site, 50+ designs, store, and all the business protocols. i’m chugging through the “be your own boss, small time business operator” books to get all my financial ducks in a row and working on the business plan. 2010 seems far off, but i am hoping to have things ironed out so it will be a good experience for everyone involved. allotting this time will hopefully allow for better quality of service and product. for this business, one of my missions is to be as economically and environmentally responsible as possible without sacrificing the art/design…tricky! additionally, i’m learning the art of crochet, so there may be handmade mini dottie plush toys as well. fun! i’m making some of the amigurumi animals from Lion Brand (all their patterns are free now) in order to test out different patterns and then hopefully be able to create my own based on my experience with these. thanks to the Arts and Drafts people for making this journey into this yarn art so successful!  
these are the plans my friends, stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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