Karen S. Chan
wednesday, january 28, 2009
update 101

sorry for the large time gap since my initial blog, all apologies and thanks for your patience.

life’s been great! i’ve been working a sweet design position for the university of texas (see educational illustration for some samples of board games and worksheets) and hope the project is renewed as long as they intend. “yay” on that front in these hard economic times because it’s a wonderful position, i enjoy the work and the rewards of being a part of helping children learn. additionally, its given me this time to concentrate on my card business.
ladies and gentlemen, i have a business name – laughing dot. doesn’t it make you giggle just a little after you say it? i know that’s what happens to me when i say it. anyway, it’s been a long and frustrating obstacle to come up with a name i like. and its is in no shortage of thanks to the persistence of my wonderful friends amy (www.amyhadley.com) and megan (www.thelifeilead.com), who put the pressure on high these past few weeks for me to overcome this hurdle. and thanks to jen (www.jnadesigns.com) for getting me hooked on craftypod and craftsanity podcasts that have great business tips sprinkled in with really inspiring and interesting crafter interviews. a million thanks to these sparkly gems in my life!
so moving forward, i’ll be working on the design of the website/online store (www.laughingdot.com) with all the adorable goodies from the portfolio on this site featuring dottie and brand new ones that i saved up for this day, paperwork, and product development. exciting!
that’s it for now. check back soon and have a great week!


02/01/2009 - Ms. Me

You are totally rad and awesome and inspirational! Go you!

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